Creative Industries Advisor - CORFO (Chile) // AI Art Enthusiast

Nicolás Mladinic Draguicevic

First of all, the subject of this bio is a Film/TV/AI Art Enthusiast. They are the Coordinator of Chilecreativo, a Public/Private Initiative under CORFO, the National Agency for Economic Development of the Chilean Government. Chilecreativo is part of a National Strategy whose only purpose is to promote the Creative Industries as a key element for economic development in Chile. They have been in charge of national public funds such as Factoria Musical, which aimed to support local music companies (labels, managers, digital distributors, etc).
They represent CORFO at the National Audiovisual Council of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts, and Heritage.
They have worked as an Executive Producer and teacher at Escuela de Cine de Chile (Chilean Film School), where they were in charge of running the Project Development Office as well as teaching Film Production for students in their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year of Film School. After that, in 2010, they started working at CORFO, coordinating a USD 3 million dollar fund for Project Development and Distribution.


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