Creative Technologist | Pioneer AI ART and FASHION (2019) | PhD. in AI | Award Winning AI Fashion Design Tommy Hilfiger | Generative AI Speaker | Senior Product Manager @Microsoft | Board Member @FrenchTechBucharest

Dr. Irina RAICU

Senior Product Manager and Irina is an AI/ML Senior Product Manager and a Startup Mentor at Microsoft with a mission to shape the society of tomorrow, drive innovation and revolutionize established paradigms. She has a PhD in Business Informatics with a specialization in AI/ML (Thesis title: Deep Learning of Retail Banking Sentiment Analysis of Small and Imbalanced Reviews). She brings a unique combination of AI deep technical expertise, creativity, entrepreneurial drive, and the ability to influence and inspire.
Beyond the tech industry, Irina has channeled her creative spirit into art as a Creative Technologist and is an AI Art & Fashion Pioneer. She has been utilizing Neural Networks in image creation from as far back as 2019. Her artworks and fashion designs have graced international platforms and been highlighted by Forbes and the international press. As an award-winning fashion designer, she has been recognized by Tommy Hilfiger, L’Oreal, and other international brands.


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