AI Consultant⚡️Visual Designer :: AI/CC ⚡️ Developer Artist Leia3D ⚡️MidJourney Maestro: Ionda GmbH Innovation Agency AI image trainer

Darien Davis

Darien Davis is an AI consultant and interdisciplinary creative technologist who brings a unique blend of skills to the table, advising on workflow optimization and leveraging Generative AI tools. He's a MidJourney Trainer at Ionda Gmbh, where he teaches students to achieve 'Photo-feelism,' a term he coined to describe a unique quality in generative AI imagery.
Darien recently showcased his fashion design talents by winning the Fashion AI MaisonDAO & xAiDrip! 'Earth' competition, and his “Bubblefunk” design line debuted in Falcon Magazine. As a keynote speaker at London's first GenAI Con, he emphasized the importance of human intelligence and cultural sensitivity in using generative AI.
His experience highlights the intersection of MidJourney with other AI generative visualization tools, and how they can be leveraged for creative inquiry. As a MidJourney trainer, Darien inspires students to challenge themselves in generative art and beyond.


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